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Students in Public Art (Art 215) are experienced studio artists who bring diverse skills and interests to the creation of art for the public sphere.


To gain an understanding of audience, scale, and location we study and write about the practice of public and community-based art before committing to and executing a major project.  Our projects are the result of testing and critical feedback. Along with sponsors and supporters across campus we involve the Committee on Public Art set up through Wake Forest Galleries and Collections as active respondents to approve our work.


We want to thank members of that Committee who helped nurture and guide our work: Christina Soriano, Associate Provost for the Arts, Jennifer Finkel, Aquavella Curator of Collections, Paul Sheff, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Sarah Lewiecki, '99 Graduate and class veteran, Phil Archer, Deputy Director of Reynolda House,  and Jon Rotheling, Director of Reynolda Gardens.

Lastly, our instructor David Finn, Professor and Chair of Art WFU, Member and Chair, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Public Art Commission.





November 10, 2020

Riley Phillips is not your babydoll. 


Read more about the wearable performance piece, engaging with sexual harassment during the pandemic.

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Jukebox Therapy

November 10, 2020

How can we come together during this time of divisiveness? Jukebox Therapy is a platform for the Wake Forest Community to add hip-hop music to add to a collaborative playlist.... 



November 10, 2020

Hanging upon the light posts that line the Scales Fine Arts Center is " Community. " - a public work comprised of portraits of three students with three campus experiences that are unique to them....

IMG-2625 (1).JPG

How Are You Doing, Really?

November 10, 2020

“How Are You Doing, Really?”

An interactive, mental health-focused art piece asks this of Wake Forest, and presents a new and different COVID test. For one, our campus is not used to seeing larger-than-life COVID test swabs near ZSR Library.


Reflection Pool

November 10, 2020

Located within the Reynolda Trails is an artwork that creates a new space for contemplation. Enjoy the existing beautiful landscape with this meditative labyrinth....

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